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The infant Princess Rapunzel, after receiving special powers from a magical flower, is kidnapped from the palace by Mother Gothel who knows the magic possessed within the child’s golden locks can provide her the gift of immortality and ageless beauty. That is, so long as she keeps Rapunzel locked away in a tower. As Rapunzel grows to her teenage years with her magical tresses now having grown to an astounding 70 feet, she becomes restless and curious of what lies beyond the tower in the world outside; a place she’s never experienced. While trying to evade capture, the bandit Flynn Ryder scales the tower and is surprisingly overtaken and captured by Rapunzel who makes a deal with the charismatic thief to lead her to the place that sends thousands of floating lights into the sky each year on her birthday. A series of discoveries, new experiences, adventures and skullduggery ensue as Rapunzel discovers the truth behind the evil plotting and self-serving actions of Mother Gothel along with her true birthright and is reunited with her royal family.


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(L-R) Mandy Moore and Alan.

(L-R) Glenn Slater, Donna Murphy and Alan.

"Mother Knows Best"

Alan's Thoughts

I can’t tell you how many times new musical projects have started at Disney with a room full of animators saying “We don’t want to do the traditional kind of musical. Those old rules don’t apply to us.” That’s how “Rapunzel” started, in a room with really smart, creative people, who had never created a song-driven project before. First we were instructed to avoid the old “Disney Animation” stereotypical songs. Then, as things progressed, there was a hankering for the classic song moments. Back and forth we went over the course of 3 years and in the end, it landed on its feet as “Tangled”. And it actually works! Amazing!!