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Leap Of Faith

This gospel oriented work tells the story of “Reverend” Jonas Nightingale, an electrifying performer and rabble-rouser, who’s traveling with his ministry. When his bus breaks down in the middle of this small Kansas town, Jonas plans an impromptu revival to take the entire town for a ride. The sometime reverend pitches a tent and invites the townspeople to his revival; however, the sheriff, a woman named Marla McGowan, is determined to stop Jonas from taking the people’s money. Jonas is challenged when he becomes romantically involved with the sheriff. Her love forces the cynical Reverend to come to terms with his life.


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Alan with Glenn Slater

(L-R) Rick Kunis, Joe Joubert, Glenn Slater, Michael Kosarin, Alan, Michael Starobin, B. A. Huffman, Brendan Whiting, John Miller, Pete Karam

"Leap Of Faith"

Alan's Thoughts

It’s so hard to encapsulate the “Leap Of Faith” experience. Was it not a good idea from the start? I liked the movie a lot and especially, the opportunity to write a musical that’s told through gospel revivals; especially as preached by a charming charlatan who can inspire faith and even miracles, while fleecing the flock. Did something go wrong along the way? I do believe that, had it not taken 10 years (and 3 directors, 2 lyricists and 4 book writers) to move forward with production, it might have had a less tortured path to the stage. All I know, in the end, is that we wrote the musical we intended to write in the best way we knew how and we didn’t reach a big enough audience on Broadway… but hope springs eternal!