Alan Menken

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Home On The Range

Set in the old west, Alameda Slim, a wanted cattle rustler, uses an alias to buy up properties all over western Nebraska, and his next target is the Patch of Heaven dairy farm, where the widow owner cares more for her ‘family’ of yard animals welfare then for profit, so she just hasn’t got the cash to keep in business, save their farm and avoid foreclosure. The other animals, mainly carefree youngsters, being unable to earn, three cows of very different temperament and manners rise to the desperate occasion and set out to do battle for their dream home, teaming up unnaturally with each-other, the sheriff’s megalomaniac horse and any other animal who can possibly help, even a crazy lucky rabbit and an invincible buffalo, hoping to beat the crook to the Patch’s auction, or anything it takes…


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Bonnie Raitt “Will The Sun Ever Shine Again”

Tim McGraw “Wherever The Trail May Lead”

K.d. Lang “A Little Patch of Heaven”

“Little Patch Of Heaven”

Alan's Thoughts

I will forever torture Disney executive’s Peter Schneider and Tom Schumacher about the night they took me out to Picholine to wine and dine me, and convince me that an animated movie about cows, titled “Sweating Bullets”, was the perfect next project for me. 4 directors, 3 plot lines and 2 new vice-presidents of Disney Feature Animation and 1 complete title change later, the jury is still out on whether it was worth it. The movie never really found it’s core or it’s unique voice. But we sure had a blast working with such artists as Bonnie Raitt, k.d. lang and Tim McGraw; not to mention going on a rip-roaring 19th century-style cattle drive, as research. It also allowed me to forever have the image of Tom Schumacher appearing at a press rollout in white, fuzzy chaps and cowboy hat. And, I do have to say that the songs and score have a treasured place in my heart.